About Us

Online Agent Review

Online Agent Review is a robust platform where new and experienced real estate agents and brokers can leverage or review a reputation management product. Our platform has been developed to collect reviews on not only industry-specific portals such as Zillow, Trulia, realtor.com, and LinkedIn but by using our tools you can also capture reviews on other platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and all the industry-specific portals where consumers are now going to look up real estate agents to check out their reputation. Currently, reputation creates conversions, and a positive reputation creates more conversions. More conversions create more deals which create more clients or referrals and more and more conversions. In a recent survey from J.D. Powers and Associates, it was indicated that nearly 1/3 of first-time buyers and sellers choose their agents based on reputation. They need to know that their realtor has their best interests at heart. Does your reputation encourage new clients? With our powerful review and reputation management application, you can quickly collect reviews automatically from your clients through SMS or email to automate your collection process.

Additional Review Platform Features

Monitor Multiple Review Websites from Your Dashboard

We integrate with over many of the major and niche Realtor review websites. Make sure you know exactly what people are saying about you and your team when they say it. Your reputation and credibility is to important.

Multiple Location Review Management & Monitoring

Do you have multiple business locations? No problem. You can manage and aggregate all the reviews from all your locations seamlessly from your dashboard. This will save you countless hours and ensure that you never miss customer feedback.

Email Notifications

You need to know about new reviews as they happen. It does not matter if the review was left via your custom page or directly on a 3rd site, you will receive an Email Notification the minute it is published. This enables you to share any new reviews, but more importantly immediately address any negative ones. You can correct the issue and then ask the individual for a revision minimizing any potential damage.

Leverage Your Stars with Review Stream

We have all seen the Stars in Google Search Results. These are called Rich Snippets. With Review Stream you can embed your reviews into any page by simply copying and pasting a little code. You can select which reviews you want to embed. Google will automatically pick up the rich snippets data and display your average rating within search results.

In-Depth PDF & Web Reports

Easily generate PDF and Web Reports showing your progress, exposure, average rating increase, recent reviews and much more. For employees, you can share these reports with co-works or supervisors and give them a broad yet detailed overview of what you have accomplished for the organization. For business owners you can see exactly where your business was, is and where it is trending.